December 18, 2023

The commitment of BNZ in Moratalla on media

BNZ recently announced the commencement of constructing a 36 MW solar plant in Moratalla (Murcia) scheduled for completion by April 2024, marking the beginning of the facility’s operational phase. Alongside this development, the company has also disclosed its participation in the educational initiative called ‘MODStegg’. This step reinforces its comprehensive commitment to the Moratalla community, where they will undertake the construction of the plant.

Following the news about the solar plant, the company announced its involvement in the “mODStegg” educational project. In collaboration with five primary educational centers in the municipality, this project aims to raise awareness among 750 students about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda. BNZ will financially support this initiative as part of its corporate social responsibility, highlighting its commitment to the educational and sustainable development of local communities.

In addition to its educational commitment, the Moratalla plant represents the fourth addition to BNZ’s portfolio in Spain. The company aims to install approximately 600 MWp in the country by 2026, thereby consolidating its position in the renewable energy sector.

That is why BNZ not only focuses on generating clean energy through solar projects but also seeks to have a positive impact on the educational and social environment. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the company’s vision, establishing it as an active agent in the transition towards a more sustainable future, where renewable energy production and social responsibility converge to create a lasting positive impact.

These achievements and the company’s commitment to the communities in which it operates have captured the attention of the press, generating extensive coverage in nationally and regionally renowned media outlets, such as, Murcia Plaza, La Verdad, among others.

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