December 10, 2023

BNZ starts construction of a 36MW photovoltaic solar plant in Moratalla (Murcia)

BNZ, an independent power producer (IPP) that develops, builds and operates solar photovoltaic projects, has announced the start of construction of a 36 MW solar plant in Moratalla (Murcia). BNZ expects construction to be completed in April 2024, when it will enter into operation.

This is BNZ’s fourth plant to be built in Spain, where it expects to install approximately 600 MWp capacity by 2026. In total, BNZ plans to deploy an aggregate portfolio of more than 1.7 GW of solar PV in southern Europe by the end of 2026.

BNZ’s Managing Director, Luis Selva, said: “This is yet another step in further realising our ambition to decarbonise the southern European economy, especially in Spain, where we are exploring a pipeline full of exciting opportunities.

Selva added: “Renewable energy generation represents not only a commitment to a sustainable future, but also a boost to local prosperity. We are committed to energising the community, creating jobs and opportunities, and contributing to social development in the region we call home”.

With the clean energy produced at this plant, the emission of 19,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year will be avoided, which represents some 6,780 round-trip flights between Murcia and Miami. BNZ also estimates that a total of 60 direct and indirect jobs will be created during its construction.

Guaranteeing the highest quality standards from the first stage of development.

This first stage of the project, whose work has been executed by Grupotec, supervised by Vector Renewables and managed by BNZ, has experienced a positive evolution in terms of quality and deadlines. In addition, this photovoltaic project has had a highly qualified and efficient work team to meet the highest quality and safety criteria.

The Director of Engineering and Construction, Daniel Sánchez, emphasised that “It is in our DNA to have experienced and qualified professional teams to guarantee excellence and ensure the success of each phase of our projects”. Sánchez added that “Our portfolio always meets the highest standards and, in this first stage of the construction of the solar plant, we have been able to corroborate the good performance with the different local teams and contracted companies that have been involved in the development”.

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