December 15, 2023

BNZ promotes a pioneering educational project to raise awareness of the SDGs among 750 students in Murcia (Spain)

BNZ, an independent power producer (IPP) that develops, builds and operates solar photovoltaic projects, has announced its commitment to collaborate with five primary schools in the municipality of Moratalla (Murcia), within the framework of the “mODStegg” project, with the aim of raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In its commitment to continue generating value in the local communities where it is present, BNZ financed the educational project in order to transfer knowledge about sustainability, equality and safety to the classrooms of primary schools in Moratalla.

“As independent power producers, it is also among our objectives to generate a positive return for the communities in which we operate,” explains Luis Selva, Managing Director of BNZ. “Supporting a project like “mODStegg” is fundamental and satisfies us, as education and awareness are also fundamental pillars of the strategic plan to complete the energy transition and make the world a better place,” adds Selva.

The project consists of a set of gamified activities that will raise awareness among around 750 primary school students about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. This course will link the projects being carried out in the educational centers with the corresponding SDGs, recognize those that are being met and incorporate other goals that are not yet being implemented.

Among the content of the different activities, the issues of gender and social equality, zero hunger, the end of poverty, health and well-being, and affordable and non-polluting energy will also be discussed.

BNZ, committed to the local communities in which it has a presence

As a sign of its commitment to the local community of the town and the region, where it has already started the construction of a 36MW solar plant, BNZ will add its support to the social initiative by supporting and financing the educational project.

Amparo Sanchez, specialist in Sustainable Development and CEO of INEQA, creator and coordinator of the mODStegg project, has highlighted: “We are very grateful to BNZ for their commitment and support in this project, which will allow us to raise awareness and transfer the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals to the classrooms of the kindergarten and primary schools Germán Teruel, Jesucristo Aparecido, Colegio Rural Agrupado del Sabinar, La Tercia-Benízar and Calar de La Santa”. Sanchez added “I would also like to recognize the intense work and efforts being made by the company to make the energy transition more tangible in our territory.”

Beyond the positive economic impact of the facilities on the local community and their compliance with the highest environmental criteria, BNZ will work closely together in the “mODStegg” project to promote the values and areas of application of each sustainable development goal.

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