November 15, 2023

Meet the Team – Adrián Pérez


  1. What is your role in BNZ?

Currently my position at BNZ as Financial Controller consists of managing finance and accounting.

  1. How long have you been working in the renewable energy sector?

Before joining BNZ I worked for an energy company for 5 years.

  1. How do you think the sector has changed in these years?

I think that for years it has become a very attractive sector and one in which a lot of investment is being made, it is a strategic and fundamental sector of the economy and also a commitment of governments. This has meant that in recent years the number of companies investing in the sector has grown considerably, with the consequent impact on competitiveness that we are seeing today, both for the purchase of projects and for obtaining permits and licences, as well as in the sector’s own labour market. The evolution of electricity prices has also been one of the most changing elements in recent years, reaching historic highs and lows.

  1. What are the main challenges for the sector in the coming years?

I believe that one of the biggest challenges and concerns of the sector is currently adapting the returns demanded from investments of this type to the current market conditions. I believe that demand is not, at the moment, as growing as the supply that will be available in a few years’ time, so the price curves that are being used do not allow for high returns at the present time. If we add to this the increasing costs of construction and maintenance of the plants, we add one more challenge that the sector will have to face in order to remain sustainable and attractive in the long term.

  1. And in the long term?

Stabilise the large amount of supply that will be available when all the new plants come on stream. See how the market absorbs all this electricity supply if demand does not increase with other consumers (electric cars, decarbonisation, etc.). At the same time, I believe that self-consumption installations can have an important impact on the sector, as they can reduce household consumption demand, so the fit between self-consumption and renewable energy production companies will be an issue to be taken into account in the medium/long term in the sector.

  1. What does BNZ have that its competitors don’t?

The passion, professionalism and knowledge of the team.

  1. How do you see BNZ in 5 years?

As a solid and well-established IPP in the sector, with the vast majority of its plants in production and with the ability to adapt to the market and to the changes and demands of the sector.

  1. Which countries are making greater efforts for photovoltaic energy?

I believe that with the potential of the climate, Spain, Italy and Portugal are the most powerful countries for the sector. This, coupled with the fact that they are strong economies, makes them the geographies where most investment in photovoltaics is taking place.

  1. What would you ask public administrations to promote this type of clean energy?

I believe that administrations should encourage the consumption of these clean energies by citizens and companies, and to this end they can facilitate access to renewable energy installations, including subsidising part of the additional costs that these installations currently incur. They should also provide political, regulatory and economic security for the sector so that it remains attractive for investment.

  1. And the citizens?

We must become more aware that the use of this type of energy is better for the planet, so for example, we can choose an electricity supply company for our home whose production is as renewable as possible.

  1. What do you do in your day to day to reduce your carbon footprint?

I try as far as possible to walk when I travel. I try not to consume too much plastic, for example, in the supermarket, when I buy fruit and vegetables, I do not usually use the plastic bags available in the establishment, and I usually carry my own cloth bags so that I do not use the supermarket bags.

In Depth

  • A hobby: Playing football
  • A country to travel: Romania, I was an Erasmus student there and it has a lot of options to offer
  • A city to live: Cordoba
  • An animal: Cat
  • A movie or TV series: The revenge of the Count of Monte Cristo
  • A book: Game of Thrones
  • A type of cuisine: Mexican
  • A historical figure: Cristobal Colón
  • A colour: Blue

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