Powering Europe to a greener future

Our Team

BNZ has a team with more than half a century of experience managing renewable energy plants.

Our team is compact and highly efficient. We employ experts in all stages of the project lifecycle and develop, construct and operate various types of renewable energy projects across Europe.

Scott Lawrence

Board Member

Scott is a board member of BNZ. He is also a Partner in Glennmont Partners and was a founding director of BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners. Scott has led the investment in more than 1GW of solar photovoltaic generation capacity and is the leader of Glennmont Partners’ initiatives in this sector.

Scott has a broad network of connections throughout the solar universe having previously founded a company formed to finance and develop a series of solar power plants in Spain. Scott’s established relationships with panel manufacturers and developers has been key to Glennmont Partners success in investment in solar PV markets throughout Europe.

Scott holds an MBA from London Business School and a BS from Cornell University.

Jordi Francesch

Board Member

Jordi is a board member of BNZ. He is also the Chief Risk Officer and Head of Asset Management of Glennmont Partners. He has more than 18 years’ experience in the energy sector, 11 of which spent in renewables, specifically in renewable energy development, operation, maintenance, due diligence, advisory and asset management.

Jordi provides strategic direction to the portfolio; leading on any material contractual challenges, assisting with acquisitions and their incorporation into the portfolio, sitting on most of the project company boards, overseeing governance for the wholly owned projects and regularly reporting to the management committees and non-executive board.

Jordi holds a BSc in Economics, an MBA from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and an MSc in Environmental Economics from the University of London.

Francesc Filiberto

Managing Director and Head of Business Development

Francesc is the Managing Director and Head of Business Development of BNZ. He brings more than 15 years’ experience in the renewable energy industry, with expertise in project development, construction engineering, operations, services, due diligence, and O&M.

Before joining BNZ, Francesc held several leadership positions in the service division of SMA, a leading inverter manufacturer, and also founded an engineering company, Siconia, providing technical advisory services to investors. He also held senior management positions at Underwriters Laboratories and Nokia.

Francesc holds an MSc in Physics, an MSc in Electronic Engineering from University of Valencia and an MBA from IE Business School.

Peter Karam

Project Manager

Peter is the Project Manager of BNZ. He contributes to the team effort with more than 8 years of experience in the Solar PV and Wind renewable energies, in different phases of the projects’ life, and with a leaning towards asset management.

Prior to joining BNZ, Peter held various management and senior management positions in the asset management division of Vector Renewables (ex. Vector Cuatro) both in France and Spain and was focused on foreign markets. He also headed the technical asset management team of Alten RE, a Madrid-based IPP with international presence. Over the span of his career, he has managed more than 1.5GW of renewable energy assets.

Peter holds an MSc in Electronics from Salvatore Dali’s center of the world, Perpignan, and an MSc in General Management from IAE Lyon.