April 16, 2024

BNZ starts construction of a 34.5MW solar photovoltaic plant in Jaén

BNZ, an independent power producer (IPP) that develops, builds and operates solar photovoltaic projects, has announced the start of construction of a solar plant in the municipality of Jaén. The plant, called Santa Catalina Solar, will have a total capacity of 34.5MW and is expected to be completed by August 2024.

Santa Catalina Solar is BNZ’s fifth plant in Spain, where it plans to install a capacity of approximately 600 MWp by 2026. In total, BNZ plans to deploy a total portfolio of more than 1.7 GW of solar PV in southern Europe by the end of 2026.

BNZ’s CEO, Luis Selva, said: “We are proud to promote a project of these characteristics in Jaén, which will contribute to the energy transition of this province, of Andalusia and of Spain as a whole, as well as to the socioeconomic and environmental development of the territory”. Selva added: “The start of this construction is another step towards achieving our goal of contributing to the generation of totally renewable and affordable energy to decarbonize the economy of southern Europe”.

With the clean energy produced in this plant, the emission of 18,523 tons of CO2 equivalent per year will be avoided, which represents 22,600 round trips between Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport and Berlin. BNZ also estimates that a total of 57 direct and indirect jobs will be created during construction, a figure that also includes the hiring of a total of 82 companies.

BNZ shows its commitment to the local community with the environmental regeneration of the territory.

BNZ is actively committed to environmental and social progress in the local communities where it establishes its photovoltaic installations. In addition to generating a positive economic impact on the community and meeting the highest ESG standards, BNZ will also work closely with local authorities on environmental initiatives.

As a sign of this commitment, BNZ will protect birdlife from the potential risk generated by the power facilities and contribute to their well-being by compensating them for the loss of nesting substrate. Finally, the company will also implement natural connections in the form of bio-corridors and install animal shelters, with the aim of preserving the territory’s wildlife.

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