Powering Europe to a greener future

About us

Beyond NetZero

Beyond NetZero (BNZ) is an independent power producer that develops and manages renewable energy power plants with efficient management and stable yield.

BNZ manages the whole lifecycle of its plants from securing land and grid connections, through to construction and continuing into operation. We have strong proven expertise and work closely with local communities. Our professional team actively develops, constructs and manages a diverse pipeline spread across Southern Europe, especially Italy, Portugal and Spain.

BNZ’s power plants reduce the average CO2 emissions intensity of the electricity distributed across the national power grids within which they are situated. This is achieved as the electricity generated from renewable sources, such as solar PV, has a lower CO2 footprint than electricity generated from non-renewable sources, such as fossil fuels. BNZ’s plants aim to achieve negative lifecycle CO2 emissions.

Efficient team, stable power yield, and deep local expertise with a proven track record.


We are a compact and highly motivated team.


We carefully manage our projects to target stable yields and predictable returns.

Local Expertise and Reputation

With multiple projects per area, we establish our local presence within each community.