June 28, 2023

Solar panels to combat drought and mitigate its effects Opinion Article on media

During July 2023, Peter Karam, Chief Operating Officer of BNZ and an expert in renewable energy, authored an opinion piece addressing the concerns raised by the scarcity of rainfall and unusually high temperatures during the first half of the spring of 2023 in Southern Europe, and how the solar panels could be an alternative to mitigate its effects. The article highlights the drought experienced in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, focusing attention on the need to address these extreme weather events. Additionally, it emphasizes the crucial role of photovoltaic solar energy as an alternative to mitigate impacts on agriculture, water supply, and the environment.

The text points out that solar plants offer significant benefits in conserving water resources by not requiring water for their operation and by reducing soil evaporation. Furthermore, agrivoltaics, which involves the coexistence of solar energy and agriculture, is mentioned as a solution that provides shade, reduces evaporation, and improves water use efficiency in crops.

Additionally, the role of solar plants in water management and aquifer recharge through green infrastructures, stormwater management systems, and permeable pavements is underscored. It highlights that photovoltaic energy is not only a sustainable long-term source but can also power water treatment plants and desalination facilities, reducing dependence on conventional energy sources.

At BNZ, after years of work, investment, and dedication to the sector, we have established ourselves as experts in all aspects related to energy, sustainable development, and related processes. For this reason, the media has chosen us as company spokespersons when informing specialized audiences or those interested in delving into the industry.

On this occasion, we have had the opportunity to share our perspective and experience through an opinion article that has generated significant interest and has been published by both national and international media outlets.

In Spain, we highlight publications in outlets such as El Español, while internationally, we have been featured in Italian publications such as Solareb2b, Transizione Energetica, Energ Magazine, or Fotovoltaico.

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