December 15, 2021

BNZ will build a 45MW solar PV plant in Lazio – Italy

BNZ, an independent power producer (IPP) that develops, builds and operates solar PV projects, has obtained authorization in the Region of Lazio to start the construction of a solar PV plant in Lazio – Italy with an installed capacity of 45MWp. BNZ expects the plant to be operational in 2023.

This will be BNZ’s first plant to be built in Italy, a country in which it expects to install an approximate capacity of 500MWp by 2024.

The clean energy produced at the plant will avoid roughly 23,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year, which is about 40,000 London-New York City flights. The electricity production would be able to supply the annual electricity needs of around 16,000 people. In addition, BNZ estimates that it will create around 300 direct and indirect jobs by 2024.

BNZ is committed to environmental and social progress of the local communities where the company installs its plants. Therefore, in addition to the positive economic impact of the facilities on the local community and its compliance with the maximum environmental criteria, BNZ will develop agrivoltaic projects related to the cultivation of olive trees and the installation of beehives at the plant.

Board Member of BNZ, Jordi Francesch, said: “The company’s main objective is the production of 100% clean energy to help achieve a low carbon future and Italy is a priority market for BNZ with strong growth potential in the generation of renewable technologies such as solar PV. BNZ responds to the demands of our investors, helping to tackle climate change and ensuring compliance with the strictest ESG criteria, while offering a long-term vision with stable yields and predictable returns on investments”.

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