May 16, 2022

Meet the Team – Peter Karam


Let’s meet me, Peter

I usually found sitting in front of a screen, listening, reading or being uncomfortably close to a microphone, I spend my days applying knowledge – whether my own, my colleagues’ or others’ – to projects and programs that have a goal that I hold dear.

Before diving into that goal, and its consequences on my daily routine, I find myself needing to define some words, as follows:

  • Restless, is an adjective that can be used to describe the sun, in its capacity to always provide warmth and light, but also and not least of all, power.
  • Gentle, is an adjective that can be used to describe the wind, in its ability to always guide a weathercock, blow sails across untamed waters, but mostly give us that sensation of coolness.
  • Driven, is an adjective that can be used to describe energy, in its kinetic motion, potential storage, and certainly in its radiant glow.

These adjectives, albeit commonly useable in our field of activity, represent what I – and any other I would hope – look for in a prosperous environment, and they are the ones that most properly describe the growing BNZ team that I have the pleasure of collaborating with on a daily basis.

“Cajón de sastre” or catch-all is how I would describe my current position in that it is surprising, diverse and endlessly challenging, with little to no room for relaxation – bar some daydreaming lapses brought on by quotes from upper management 🙂 In charge of handling operations for projects in different stages of maturity, I get to interact with a variety of actors that all add their part towards our target: be it developing, building and operating a renewable energy asset, or supervising, handling and monitoring an environmental or social project.

The role that I play here, together with the rest of the BNZ team, is not only to work towards the generation of carbon-free energy, but also to sensitize the local and wider population on the benefits to be gained from a de-fossilized economy.

If you are still wondering about my goal, my goal is to promote renewable energy for a sustainable future.

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