December 1, 2022

Meet the Team – Maria Luisa Medina


  1. What is your role in BNZ?

My position at BNZ as Financial Controller is to perform an exhaustive control of the finances and giving added value against possible future risks that we may have.

  1. How long have you been working in the renewable energy sector?

I have been working in the solar and wind energy sector for about 7 years.

  1. How do you think the sector has changed in these years?

For a long time now, the renewable sector has helped society with multiple tasks thanks to the power of water, wind, and sun. Renewable energy has been growing steadily over the last few years, with onshore wind power and photovoltaics being the fastest growing sectors in recent years.

Agrovoltaics is also playing a key role in the sector, making agriculture and land cultivation compatible with photovoltaic energy.

  1. What are the main challenges for the sector in the coming years? And in the long term?

In the short, medium, and long term, we are experiencing how the price of electricity is very much dependent on the price of gas, as it is a marginalist system given the daily production capacity.

Spain, and Europe, has a major challenge and that is the price of gas, which is why the market pool has skyrocketed. From my point of view, the solution is as simple as increasing investment in green energy to alleviate the energy and climate crisis.

  1. What does BNZ have that its competitors don’t?

BNZ has a multidisciplinary team with high expertise in the energy sector. We are not only a passionate and committed team, but we also have clear objectives and solutions, being the “dream team” of the energy transition.

  1. How do you see BNZ in 5 years?

BNZ will continue to push the energy transition and the “dream team” will keep working hard in order to accelerate the decarbonization.

  1. Which countries are making greater efforts for photovoltaic energy?

For instance, we are seeing that Germany is the country in Europe that has the largest photovoltaic installed capacity and despite not being a sunny country, the renewable energy sector is being subsidized to make it more profitable. We cannot forget Spain and all the efforts made during these previous years. I am sure we will be on the European podium soon.

  1. What would you ask the public administration to promote this type of clean energy?

The public administration has an important role to play in simplifying and speeding up permits and deadlines for renewable projects. This is why I would ask them to analyse the role that renewable energies would play from the perspective of public administration and how to help the taxpayer in terms of costs. There are thousands of formulas to mitigate it. One of them, for example, would be the implementation of a greater capacity of renewable facilities for those maintenance and service activities that are recurrent to citizens. In this way we would solve maintenance cost problems.

  1. What do you do in your day to day to reduce your carbon footprint?

I live in Madrid and I always use public transport. Lately, I have the habit of comparing the times of walking versus using public transport (bus or metro). If the difference is 15 minutes, I choose to walk. I pollute less and I avoid being inactive in my daily life.

In Depth

  • A hobby: Spending time at sea. I really love water sports like sailing and diving, living in Madrid I play a lot of tennis.
  • A country to travel: Israel and Morocco.
  • A city to live in: I don’t have it defined but I do know what the best place in the world and where I usually go to disconnect, it is village of farmers and fishermen on Europe’s tropical coast called Calahonda.
  • An animal: Dolphin
  • A movie or TV serie: The boy who harnessed the wind.
  • A book: Discussion books such as Yuval Noah Harari and thriller books. My favourite Spanish writer is Juan Ramón Gómez Jurado.
  • A type of cuisine: There is one food that fascinates me. “Blanco es, la gallina lo pone, con aceite se fríe y con pan se come” if you want to know what it is, just visit Filiberto’s meet the team link and see what he is eating.
  • A colour: Blue

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